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Verdicts: Where's the difference between the verdict FAILURE and ERROR?
Last Updated 8 years ago

The verdict FAILURE is usually assigned if a test operation failed in an expectable way, e.g.:
  • No response received although one was expected (or vice versa)
  • Unexpected response received
  • ...

The verdict ERROR on the other hand is assigned if there has been trouble with the test environment, e.g. uncaught exceptions because of:
  • Syntax or other code errors in the testcase
  • Required files not found
  • Interfaces not accessible
  • ...

If not handled correctly an ERROR might also occur because of a previous ECU misbehavior.
Example scenario: the ECU did not respond in time and the testcase code attempts to access the expected response bytes.
resp = tp.receive( template = "12 34 56", note = "Reception without send => Timeout expected" )
print resp.hex[6:]
This would lead to the following exception (ERROR):
TypeError: unsubscriptable object
File "C:\...", line 54, in _body
print resp.hex[6:]

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