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Testcase classes: How to use the same testcase code for multiple protocols?
Last Updated 8 years ago

Introducing a special base class: HybridTestCase

  • Supports: CAN, FlexRay (with TP), LIN
  • Fitting protocol is being determined by the type of the UUT, e.g.
    • CAN-UUT: Testcase will be executed via CAN
    • FlexRay-UUT: Testcase will be executed via FlexRay
  • Can only abstract TP-level diagnostic messages, as low-level messages would required additional bus-specific header information (e.g. FlexRay addresses, CAN DLC, etc.)

Complete import:

from flashcedere.hybrid_test_case import HybridTestCase

Example code:


  • dll.send(…)
    • Requires bus-specific headers
    • Example will work for FlexRay but no CAN-ECU would respond
  • tp.send(…)
    • Abstracted from underlying protocol
    • Example will work anyway

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