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SMART.powercontrol: How to install the SMART reset box?
Last Updated 8 years ago

Where to find the drivers?

The necessary driver are usually provided in your installation package within the subfolder:

They are also attached to this help topic below.


The driver need to be installed in the usual Windows way.

  1. Close FlashCedere if it's currently runnimg
  2. Prepare the driver directory by unzipping the archive (or simply noting the path to the FlashCedere setup directory)
  3. Open the Device Manager as described here:
  4. Double click on the unknown device:
  5. Click on the driver tab, then "Update driver" and follow the instructions; when asked for, select
    1. manual source when appropriate
    2. the fitting driver directory

Windows should complete the driver installation now. You can start FlashCedere afterwards.

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